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Do you need to restrict access to your property? Looking for a better way to secure your driveway? An automated Gate System from Springwater Fence Company is the perfect solution to your access control problems.

Whether you are looking for something as simple as a solar automatic driveway gate or as complex as a mobile device-controlled security gate, Springwater Fence Company is experienced, licensed, and insured to install your gate system.

Gates & Access Solutions

Gate Systems & Access Controls

Sliding Gates

Sliding gates are most commonly used in commercial applications but make for a great option in the case of steep grade on a residential driveway. They operate on rollers and slide open parallel to the fence.

Our sliding gates are engineered for seamless operation, utilizing advanced roller mechanisms that ensure a smooth sliding motion parallel to your fence. Not only do they provide an added layer of security for your home, but they also exude a sophisticated and modern charm.


Gate Systems & Access Controls

Swing Gates

Swinging gates give a welcoming feeling to any property. They are available in single and double-drive options (two operators are required for double drives).

Springwater Fence Company prioritizes the security of your property and its aesthetic appeal. Our swing gates are crafted with precision and attention to detail, combining functionality with elegance. Whether you’re looking to enhance your home’s entrance or add professionalism to your business, our swing gate installations are the perfect solution.


Gate Systems & Access Controls

Barrier Gates

Barrier gates control vehicle access at entry and exits. They can be machine-operated or manually operated.

Barrier gates are the ideal solution for effective vehicle access control at entry and exit points. Whether you’re managing a residential community, commercial property, or industrial facility, Springwater Fence Company’s barrier gate installations provide a reliable and secure means of controlling traffic.

Gate Systems & Access Controls​

Gate Access Controls

Gate operators can be controlled using a wide variety of access solutions including but not limited to keypads, key fobs, cell phones, computers, and keycards.

One of the key features of our gate access control is the flexibility it offers. Whether you prefer the traditional convenience of keypads, the ease of key fobs, the instant access through cell phones, or the centralized control from your computer, we’ve got you covered. Our systems are also compatible with keycards, adding an extra layer of security to your gated entry.

Gate Systems & Access Controls​

Custom Gate

We’ll help you determine the best type of gate for your property and explain all of your options – pick gate operator, access controls, gate material type, and aesthetics to complete your gate project to provide your property with the best security, protection, and curb appeal.

Our reputable fence company specializes in custom gate installations, ensuring you make informed decisions every step of the way. Elevate your property with a seamless blend of security, protection, and curb appeal through our comprehensive gate projects.

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