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At Springwater Fence Company, our team includes some of the most skilled fabricators in the industry. We can bring your fence designs to life. Whether you have a specific vision in mind or need assistance in creating a unique design, our fabricators can turn your ideas into reality.

Privacy Fence

We typically construct privacy fences using solid materials (such as wood or metal), which obstruct the view from the outside.

Custom Fence

Springwater Fence Company's commitment to custom fence fabrication means we can create fences that are as unique as your property.


Fence Stain Option

Did you know that organic means something IS or WAS a living organism? While most of us may relate this to the produce section at the grocery store. It’s also an important fact about wood fencing.

Because wood fencing is sourced from living trees, it is considered organic by definition. However, once those trees are cut and planed into beautiful wood pickets, structural beams, wood trim, and wood rails, it is no longer living. This means that the wood has immediately started to deteriorate and nature is working hard to recycle your wood fence back into Earth. The process of decay is accelerated by weather (wind, rain, ice, UV exposure, etc.), insects, and plant growth.

This is why Springwater Fence Company offers staining services. Our stain and seal process allows your family to enjoy your fence longer and helps to add a depth of beauty to your wood fence. We offer a variety of stain color options that will accent your home’s curb appeal while giving your fence added protection from the elements. Request a quote online now.

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